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Acer is reimagining eBikes with the announcement of the ebii, set to be on sale in select markets from Q1 2024. Announced during the sustainability summit in Dubai, the eBike can not only take you places but also charge your phone, laptop, and most electronic gadgets, thanks to its removable battery. While Acer has no plans to bring ebii to India, the company recently launched other eBike models in the country.

Ebii is a unique offering in this space that uses AI to assist the user, from assigning the shortest route using Google Maps to suggesting custom riding modes, including assistive pedalling. The bike adapts to the user’s riding style over time to offer a more personalised riding experience.

The ebii eBike is priced at 3999 Euros in markets like Europe. This eBike also features unique “Air Fom” based tires, ensuring the bike never goes flat. It also includes Bluetooth lock and unlock functionality, automatically unlocking when the user approaches the eBike.

Acer ebii Acer ebii’s removable battery pack with USB-C ports (Image credit: Vivek Umashankar/The Indian Express)

The ebii comes with a removable 460W Li-ion battery, making charging easier. Moreover, the battery serves as a power bank, capable of charging phones, small accessories, and even powering laptops with up to 100W USB PD output. The bike can carry up to 120 kilos of weight, and the battery can be fully charged in just two and a half hours, providing up to 110 km of range with a maximum speed of 25 KM/hr, powered by a 250W hub motor.

Additionally, the ebii has an array of smart sensors that detect nearby vehicles such as cars and flash a light, adding a layer of safety for the rider. Users can also download the ebiiGo app, available on both Android and iOS platforms, for a more personalized riding experience.

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The writer was in Dubai, UAE, attending the sustainability press conference at the invitation of Acer India.


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