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Healthy and successful relationships are not built over a day — they require patience, quality time and constant effort. Another major factor for relationships to flourish is good communication, without which tensions are bound to rise. All these together will help a relationship stand the test of time.

So, if you’re looking to solidify your connection and bond with your partner even further, ‘relationship cold plunges’ are the way to go. Unlike the traditional cold plunges that involve immersing oneself in freezing waters to improve our health, ‘relationship cold plunges’ are the difficult conversations and choices we need to make while coming out of our comfort zone to ensure the health of our relationships.

“Many a times in relationships, we tend to avoid difficult conversations, thinking that it can lead to either disagreements or fights. But what we forget is that these unresolved and undiscussed conversations result into misunderstandings and conflicts,” said Smriti Bhardwaj, a counselling psychologist.

This is where relationship cold plunges come in. “While a lack of proper communication can lead to misinterpreting behaviours, these cold plunges help bring clarity in a relationship and improve understanding between the couple. It gives a sense of security in the relationship that both partners are comfortable while expressing their emotions,” Bhardwaj explained.

Here are a few relationship cold plunges you can take to foster a stronger relationship:

Talking it out: Effective communication serves as a fundamental pillar in nurturing a relationship. Rather than dismissing issues when faced with challenges, it is crucial to engage in open conversations.

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Avoiding passive aggression: Many relationships end because of the way we express our complex emotions through passive aggression. Instead of resorting to this destructive tactic, it is advisable to schedule a designated time for a constructive and healthy dialogue.

Embracing transparency: When things go wrong, opting for transparency is essential. Instead of resorting to the avoidance tactics of ghosting or gradual distancing, one must communicate openly about their thoughts and feelings.

Confronting the elephant in the room: Recognising and addressing the emotional undercurrents in a relationship is important. Especially, when the intimacy within a relationship is affected, it becomes crucial to promptly acknowledge and discuss these issues.

Establishing boundaries: Setting personal boundaries is a common practice in flourishing relationships, serving as markers that protect one’s emotional and mental well-being. Each individual in the relationship should feel empowered to establish boundaries to maintain their own mental health.

Being vulnerable: Acknowledging the importance of vulnerability within a relationship is key. Both partners should strive to be emotionally open and create a safe space for the expression of feelings without the fear of judgment. This includes articulating one’s needs, desires, and expectations, fostering a relationship characterised by clarity and understanding.

Remember, it is important to have these difficult yet important conversations once in a while, so that they don’t become a barrier in your relationship. In the end, these relationship cold plunges will help you build a healthier and happier relationship.


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