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In a surprising turn of events, the infamous Conjuring House found itself in the headlines once again, but this time, the cause wasn’t supernatural.

The barn at 1677 Round Top Road, notorious for its ‘paranormal’ activities, caught fire Monday morning, leaving netizens shocked.

Contrary to the eerie occurrences typically associated with the Conjuring House, investigators revealed that the fire was not owing to any supernatural forces.

According to reports from NBC 10 WJAR, the blaze was ignited by disposed rags used for an oil-based stain, causing a rapid combustion that took nearly three hours to extinguish.

The incident sparked a wave of reactions on social media, as enthusiasts of the paranormal grappled with the notion that not every event at the Conjuring House could be attributed to supernatural causes.

The Twitter post from NBC 10 WJAR documenting the incident garnered attention and further fuelled discussions online.

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Known for its history filled with ‘voices, creaks, shadows, screams, and even tales of sacrifices’, the Conjuring House has earned its reputation as one of the most ‘actively haunted’ locations globally.


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