‘Getting A Lot of Love’: Pak Woman, Who Crosses Border To Marry Kolkata Boyfriend, Thanks Govt for Visa


Javeria Khanum with her boyfriend Sameer Khan. (News18)

Javeria Khanum with her boyfriend Sameer Khan. (News18)

Upon her arrival, Javeria Khanum thanked the Indian government for granting her visa

India recently welcomed a young Pakistani woman Javeria Khanum, who crossed borders and arrived in Kolkata to the beats of ‘dhol’ to marry her lover. She arrived in India from the Wagah-Attari International Border on Tuesday on a 45-day visa.

Upon her arrival, Khanum thanked the Indian government for granting her visa. She is all set to tie the knot with Sameer Khan, an exporter of finished leather goods from Kolkata in January next year.

“I thank the Indian Government for helping me to get the Visa”. While talking about her opinion regarding India, she remarked, ” I came by flight to Kolkata from Amritsar. So when the flight was landing it was beautiful. Full of greenery and very colourful. I didn’t get scope to roam around here but wanted to do it wholeheartedly.”

Talking about the struggles in her love life, Javeria Khanum told the media that she made constant efforts to come to India. However, the authorities rejected her two visa applications.

Then later due to the Covid pandemic, their plans were stalled for almost five years.

“I have been given a 45-day visa. I am very happy to be here. I’m already getting a lot of love since I’ve been here. We will be married in the first week of January. I can’t believe I got my visa after five years. It’s a happy ending and a happy beginning. Everyone in our house is very happy,” she said.

On his upcoming wedding with Khanum, Sameer Khan said, “I lived in Germany for studies. Then I came home from there in 2018. We have known each other since 2018. I had seen a picture of her on my mother’s phone and I told my mother that I would marry her. So after six years of knowing each other, we are getting married.”

About the delay in her visa applications, Khanum said that her family is often concerned about how they would be able to meet her in India since the visa process is quite stringent.

“My family often wondered during my relationship how I would meet them once I came to India as the Visa process is very difficult. We applied twice for a visa. But since the process of getting a Visa between India and Pakistan is legally very difficult after rejection twice I finally got the visa for 45 days,” Khanum said.

About the India- Pakistan relationship both of them are very hopeful, the couple said, “The people of both the countries are very good and helpful. When we needed a visa the Indian Government helped us very much. On the other hand, the people of Pakistan also want to visit a beautiful land like India. People are always ready to help for good needs. The way we got the help. The people who are using illegal ways are the reason for honest people’s harassment.”

Javeria Khanum said that her friends from Germany, Africa, Spain, the USA and other countries are likely to attend her wedding.


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