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Tech giant Google’s new Gemini artificial intelligence (AI) model, its largest and most capable to date, to take on rivals such as OpenAI’s GPT-4 and Meta’s Llama 2, will be power the flagship Pixel 8 Pro smartphone. The handset will the first Android handset to be fueled by the cutting-edge Gemini AI model. The on-device variant, Gemini Nano, optimised for smartphones, will power Google’s Tensor G3 chip to enable two Pixel 8 Pro functionalities: Summarise in Recorder and Smart Reply in Gboard.

By operating on-device, the AI ensures data sensitivity by not transmitting it outside the phone and enables the features to function seamlessly even without a network connection. Starting today, Google Pixel 8 Pro users can access this feature. Furthermore, the Recorder app now provides transcriptions in 28 additional languages.

Both features are included in the December Feature Drop for Pixel. Since it is operating on the device itself, they function offline, ensuring a swift and native experience.

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“Alongside generative AI models, Pixel devices use other AI-based tools to help you do more. These new features and other updates for productivity and customization will begin rolling out today on Pixel phone, tablet, and smartwatch,” Brian Rakowski, Vice President, Product Management, Google, wrote in a blog post.

Gemini AI To Eventually Come To All Android Phones

Currently, only Google’s Tensor 3 processor appears capable of running the Gemini AI model. However, Google is actively developing a method to integrate Nano into Android comprehensively. This involves the introduction of a new system service named AICore, empowering developers to incorporate Gemini-powered features into their apps. While a high-end chip is still required, Google’s blog post highlights compatibility with processors from Qualcomm, Samsung and MediaTek. Developers can participate in Google’s early access programme starting now.

Meanwhile, in a developer preview, Gemini Nano is set to integrate with Gboard, Google’s immensely popular keyboard app. It will drive the Smart Reply feature, offering suggestions for your next message during messaging app conversations.

Initially, this functionality will be compatible with Meta-owned WhatsApp, with plans to expand to more apps in 2024, according to Google.The company asserts that Gemini Nano will elevate the quality of suggested responses by imbuing the AI model with enhanced conversational awareness.

“Inside your Pixel 8 Pro, Gemini Nano is starting to power Smart Reply in Gboard as a developer preview. Available now to try with WhatsApp and coming to more apps next year, the on-device AI model saves you time by suggesting high-quality responses with conversational awareness,” Rakowski added.


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