How To Delete CheckIns on Facebook


Did you know that it is possible to delete a check-in post from your profile on Facebook? Read more to know the step-by-step process for the same..

How To Delete Check-ins On Facebook
How To Delete Check-ins On Facebook

Check-ins on Facebook can pose a potential privacy concern for users, as it is a feature that may disrupt personal privacy. Also, did you know that you are able to buy likes for Facebook and buy followers on Facebook? This topic was featured in an article explaining how to buy Facebook followers in Times of Israel and in a blog post explaining where to buy Facebook followers in Times Standard.

Users frequently discuss and express their desire to remove this feature. This feature is an inherent component of the application, and whenever a user visits a location and posts a picture with the location, the check-in function will appear automatically.

People are seeking to remove it because they were aware of the occasional check-in status.

However, it is possible to delete a check-in post from your profile on Facebook. The platform provides an option to undo any posts, comments, or likes you have made.

You can easily remove check-ins from Facebook by following a few simple steps, whether they were added accidentally or voluntarily and you want to remove them immediately.

This article provides step-by-step instructions on deleting check-ins on Facebook, offering helpful information for those looking to remove this feature.

How To Delete Check-Ins on Facebook

Some individuals may not appreciate check-ins as they may prefer to keep their location and private activities undisclosed.

You have the option to delete them if you wish, by following a few simple steps. These are minor adjustments that can help resolve your issue.

We will now demonstrate the process to you in a clear and organized manner.

  1. Open the Facebook application
  2. Click on the profile icon located in the top right corner.
  3. To access your profile, click on your name whether you are using a mobile device or a PC.
  4. To delete a check-in status, locate the desired post and click on the three dots in the top right corner.
  5. Click on “Edit post” which can be found in the drop-down menu when you click the dots.
  6. Click on the location indicated on the post.
  7. Please click on the “X” button next to the location.
  8. Select the “Save” option located in the upper right corner.

To prevent Facebook from sharing your location with every post, you can disable its access to your location, effectively stopping it from tracking you.


On Facebook, you have the ability to share various types of information at any time. Additionally, you have the option to permanently delete or make changes to it if desired.

The method of deleting the check-ins is simple. You can delete the check-in status by removing the location from the post’s settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

On Facebook, you have the option to show your activities to different groups of people. The check-ins on your profile can be displayed to three groups. The first group is “Everyone,” which means anyone on Facebook can see your check-ins. The second group is “Friends of friends,” which includes your friends and their friends. The third group is “Only Friends,” which includes only the people you have added as friends.

This feature utilizes GPS to track and share your location and visited places with friends. It is popular among socially active individuals who enjoy sharing their experiences.

Facebook is a popular social platform that allows users to share their experiences and locations, but it does not automatically post check-in statuses without user input.

How to Delete a Check In On Facebook App

Now that you know how to delete check ins on Facebook website and Facebook mobile app for your Facebook profile or Facebook posts, you can also explain how to delete check ins on Facebook website and how to remove check ins on Facebook posts using the three dots on your profile page or profile picture and on all the posts on your page.

The Check-ins feature on Facebook allows users to document the places they have visited within a specific location. By sharing a post with the location, the check-ins appear on their account, informing others about their visit. It is a way to keep friends updated on their travels and new visits.

The application automatically enables the check-in feature when a user includes a location in a publicly visible post. However, users have the option to modify the settings and completely remove the visibility of check-ins.

How to Remove Check-Ins On Facebook

If you prefer to keep your check-ins private, you have the option to edit or delete them as desired, even after sharing your posts.

The check-ins on the Facebook app can be deleted by following a few simple steps.

  1. To access your Facebook account, please log in. This will redirect you to the homepage of the platform.
  2. To access the menu in the app, locate the menu icon at the top-right corner of the screen, which consists of three horizontal lines.
  3. To access your Facebook profile page, simply click on your name at the top of the screen.
  4. To locate the specific post you want to remove, simply scroll down on your profile page and search for posts with location.
  5. To access the drop-down menu, click on the three dots located at the top right corner of the post.
  6. To make changes to the post you shared earlier, click on Edit Post. Once you click on Edit Post, you will see all the options available for editing the post.
  7. To check in, click on the red location icon at the bottom of the Edit post-panel. This will bring up another page on the screen, or you can tap the location name displayed after your name.
  8. To remove the location, click on the cross symbol next to the name of the location.
  9. After completing Step 9, click on the Save option located in the top right corner of the Edit Post page to save the changes you made. By doing so, the post will be saved and the check-ins will be removed.

Can You Hide Check-Ins On Facebook?

There is no option available to hide only the location from your post. However, you have the ability to either edit the location to a different one or remove it entirely, as previously explained in our how to delete check ins on Facebook and how to delete check ins on FB section for your Facebook business page.

You have the option to delete the post or adjust its privacy settings. To change the privacy settings, tap on Edit Privacy, as indicated in the screenshot above (Step 6), and select the “Only Me” option. If you wish to delete the post, choose the Move to Trash option. These steps can be helpful in making changes and removing check-ins from your posts.

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