Is Putin’s back on the table? Russian President’s grand welcome in UAE stuns the West I WATCH Video


Russian president Vladimir Putin gets grand welcome in UAE
Image Source : AP Russian president Vladimir Putin gets grand welcome in UAE

Russian President Vladimir Putin, who had arrived in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday–marking his first visit to the Middle East since the Ukraine War- was accorded with grand welcome with fighter jets, camel cavalry, and gun salutes. During, his grand reception, the Russian President, who has been facing the sideline gimmicks of the West, was escorted by elite Russian flankers Su-35s, where the fighter jets were seen flaunting Russian flag colours in the skies of Abu Dhabi.

Earlier on December 6, when he landed in Abu Dhabi, the Kremlin released footage wherein it showed the top leaders of the UAE escorting Putin’s car to the meeting venue. In Abu Dhabi, he engaged in bilateral talks with UAE President Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Subsequently, Putin headed to Saudi Arabia to meet Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

According to the Kremlin, the discussions in Saudi Arabia are expected to cover topics such as oil, Gaza, and the ongoing situation in Ukraine.

Why Putin’s trip is a message for the West

Notably, Putin’s latest trip came nearly two months after he landed in China’s national capital, Beijing, where he met his “friend” Xi Jinping. During their discussion, President Putin signed multiple MoUs related to defence and trade.

The trip of Putin is considered significant amid the fact the West is continuously attempting to isolate Russia and President Putin in a punitive measure to launch a brutal war against Ukraine in February last year. Besides, many dubbed the grand welcome by UAE as a clear message to the Biden administration amid the fact it is providing support in the ongoing Israel-Hamas war. 

Moreover, UAE and Saudi Arabia are facing pressure from the Muslim countries which are demanding the West to pull off their support to Israel and charge Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s action against Palestinians in Gaza. 

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