Watch: In Karnataka’s Yellapudu, School Celebrates Karthik Deepotsava With Pomp And Show


Last Updated: December 07, 2023, 14:55 IST

The students of the school and their parents decorated the entire school with lights.

The students of the school and their parents decorated the entire school with lights.

The devotees of Lord Keshava believe if you offer a lamp in the month of Karthik, your sins are forgiven.

Anagodu Government Senior Primary School in Yellapur Town of North Karnataka celebrated Karthika Deepotsavam with the help of 40 children and four teachers. The event, organised by the citizens, children and teachers, saw the students marching on streets with fire lamps while shouting slogans. The videos of the program have gone viral. The program started with the Panjina procession in the evening. While holding torches, people marched across the city shouting slogans for the national leaders and the country.

The students, with their parents, decorated the entire school with lights. The compound, fence, staircase, and courtyard were decorated with wax lamps. A huge rangoli of lamps helped the school get lit. After this, everyone in the town gathered to celebrate the Karthik Deepotsava.

Apart from the wax lamps, earthen lamps, balloons and trinkets were also used to decorate the school, as seen in the video. The men of the town walked in straight lines while holding torch lamps whereas women were seen decorating rangoli with diyas. Through this event, the students of this school tried to spread socialism. They propagated the idea of celebration without reason. The students gave people the noble thought that there is no need for a reason to celebrate, rather it should be done to create unity in the town.

It is believed that if you offer a lamp during the month of Karthik then all your sins will be forgiven. It also invites prosperity and happiness in your life. People in Karnataka widely celebrate this festival. They offer torch lamps to lord Keshava. The devotees of Lord Krishna offer lamps from their homes or temples. It is said that no sin exists in this world which cannot be purified after offering a lamp to lord Keshava during Karthika.


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