‘Yeh toh PTM ho rahi hai’: Netizens react after Smriti Irani’s father meet PM Modi


As soon Irani shared the photo on Instagram, netizens started pulling her leg, with one user saying, ‘Yeh to PTM chal rahi hai (a parent-teachers meeting is going on.” Echoing similar remarks, another said, “It’s your PTM (Parents – Teacher – Meeting) Hope you have got good Grades then it’s easy for you.” Check out some of the other reactions below.  

India Tv - Smriti Irani's father meets PM Modi

Image Source : INSTAGRAMSmriti Irani’s father meets PM Modi

When PM Modi called Irani when her son collapsed

Earlier in a YouTube interview with Ranveer Allahabadia, Smriti Irani shared a poignant incident involving her son’s health and a conversation with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Recounting the challenging moment, Irani revealed that her son had collapsed, leading her to juggle between AIIMS and Parliament, where she had to provide answers the next day.

Amidst the chaos, she received a call from Prime Minister Modi, who, upon learning about her child’s condition, assured her of all necessary assistance, be it related to the hospital or her parliamentary duties. Irani explained that she was caught in the midst of a controversy in Parliament regarding the alleged banning of Christmas holidays for a “good governance day” essay on December 25 during her first year as a politician in New Delhi.

Sharing the Prime Minister’s empathetic response, Irani quoted him saying, “Look after your kid and tell me what you need. You need help with the hospital, with work, just tell me.” Reflecting on the situation, Irani expressed her admiration for Modi, stating, “That’s what makes him the person you want to die for, you want to go to war for such a person.”



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